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Exceeding our clients' needs in the field. When it comes to start-to-finish site cleanup, decommissioning or day-to-day maintenance, nobody does it as safely, professionally or resourcefully as Black Iron Energy.

Black Iron was founded to fill an industry gap. Our goal is to be the first choice as a turn key service provider for site reclamations and as a partner in surplus equipment redeployment. Our primary focus is to be a source for high quality reliable field services, committed to oilfield site decommissioning, reclamation and asset recovery/removal.

Our specific and unique approach allows clients to execute clean-up activities without out of pocket investment and often receiving a return on existing inventory assets. The Black Iron model allows our professionals to execute an environmentally sound and safe clean-up project where we reduce or eliminate capitol expenditures. This recovery strategy is complimented by our ability to economically recover, refurbish, and redeploy surplus components and equipment. As redeployment experts we can effectively assist clients in all aspects of surplus sales/marketing, retrofit/refurbishment or redeployment activities.

  • Site cleanups, decommissioning, reclamations and demolition including transport assistance
  • Redeployment Experts – reapplication of existing equipment through engineering, design and retrofit, overhauls, retrofits, packaging services, QC/QA assessment
  • Asset Marketing, Sales and Storage
  • Project Management, Engineering, Design, and QC
  • Leasing, Rentals, and Financing Services

At Black Iron, our aim is to provide new, used, or surplus equipment solutions that achieve our clients' needs with affordable, technically sound methodologies. Our process includes sales/marketing, sourcing, re-engineering, overhauls, retrofits, and/or upgrades. Black Iron can provide turn key products for all oilfield related equipment including Energy, power generation, process equipment and complete facilities.

All of Black Iron services have been developed with customer needs in mind; the need to execute site abandonment projects with little or no investment, to maintain or increase production levels, to keep costs down, and to quickly deliver engineered solutions to a production requirement.



If you're looking to increase production levels, keep costs down or execute projects with little or no investment,  you owe it to yourself to chat with the experts at Black Iron Energy.

No budget for your site turnaround? Not a problem with Black Iron Energy. In many cases, we'll pay to clean up your boneyard and haul everything away. We can turn your scrap into refurbished parts and recycled metal, and you can rest easy knowing your site can be safely and economically abandoned at a net gain to you. Contact us today to get started!


    We set the standard for quality surplus equipment, reliable field services and safe industry work practices. Keep costs low and operate more efficiently with your progressive energy-sector partners at Black Iron Energy.


    Black Iron's willingness to go above and beyond is evident in every one of our projects they have been on. They consistently come up with innovative solutions to suit an individual site or job requirement. I wholeheartedly recommend Black Iron Energy for any producer looking for a rock solid oilfield services vendor.
    Sheldon R.